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Things to do in Chatswood

Chatswood is Sydney’s largest business district, but the area has plenty to offer. Here’s where you can start.

Do not let all the skyscrapers or commuters deceive you. Chatswood, NSW, Sydney’s business district is also the most vibrant suburb on Sydney’s North Shore. This is Chatswood’s best offering, from brunch and yum-cha to live music to public art.

Enjoy delicious Asian cuisine

The aroma of Asian food is what hits your face the moment you get off the train at Chatswood’s modern, large railway station. There are many restaurants from all corners of Asia in the neighbourhood. Fook Yuen and Kam Fook serve the best yumchas in Sydney. The smell of Vietnamese bakery aromas wafts down Victoria Avenue. And there is a wide variety of top-quality southeast Asian restaurants including the trendy Thai restaurant Khao Pla.

Shop till you drop

Another thing to look out for when visiting Chatswood are the numerous shopping centers scattered around the area. This suburb is known as the North Shore’s retail center. Westfield Chatswood, a 7-storey mall with almost 300 shops, is Chatswood Chase, a chic shopping centre that houses many high-end retailers. The Mandarin Centre is home to many Asian outlets.

Take a look at public art

You could easily walk through Chatswood and not notice all of the sculptures. But keep your eyes open for interesting art. A yellow tower of recycled cars panels is located at the station’s gates. There are also a number of roses along Victoria Avenue and granite slabs at the top.

Brunch is a great option.

There are many good coffee shops in Chatswood for the thousands of office workers that throng Chatswood each day. Allure Cafe & Co. offers a delicious brunch and Crazy Uncle Frankie’s has remodeled Chatswood’s institution Lid & Jar. Elbow Room Espresso is bringing quality coffee from the North Shore to inner-city residents.

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Willoughby District Historical Society

Address: 58 Johnson St, Chatswood NSW 2067, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9410 3203

Visit the Willoughby District Historical Society Website

View Willoughby District Historical Society on Google

Latitude: -33.8000128

Longitude: 151.184953

Did you know that Willoughby District Historical Society rates 4.4/5 based on 14 total ratings?

Reviews for Willoughby District Historical Society

Marylyn Keeper

Marylyn Keeper


2 years ago

A great little find if you want to know about the history of northern part of Sydney. If you take the time to look at everything, you can spend a good 1 – 2 hours here.

Jam Xia

Jam Xia


3 years ago

What an experience,
I am so glad that a group of great people around Chatswood put together a Museum displaying what the last 100 years was like.

If you live in chatswood, it would be a great place to learn your land’s history!

Chris Wyatt

Chris Wyatt


2 years ago

This Willoughby District Historical Society run museum is housed in the 1913 federation bungalow Boronia. This museum has four engaging permanent exhibits that focus on the history of the Willoughy area’s industry and businesses, changing suburbs and towns, day to day life and the immigration of different communities of people to Willoughby and how they have shaped the area the past 150 years. It is a must see for any students of history!

However, just be aware that it is only open from 1pm to 4pm between January to the end of November! Otherwise you will have to book a special appointment.


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