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The list of museums near Daceyville, NSW is endless. If you want to enjoy a day out with the family and learn something new about history or art, then this article has got you covered! There are hundreds of museums within driving distance from Daceyville. We’ve put together a list for your convenience:

Museum of the History of Science

This museum is located in Oxford, England, and showcases the history of science from its earliest beginnings to the present day. There is a wide range of exhibits including antique mathematical instruments, astronomy, and physics equipment.

Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine arts is located in Boston Massachusetts. It has a vast collection with something for everyone- from Asian art to European painting, furniture, and decorative items! The museum also contains the famous Mapparium which was built by glass blowing craftsmen back in 1935- it’s an amazing room that you can walk through looking down onto the world map from inside a globe.

Museum of Human Disease

This museum is located in Sydney and focuses on human disease. It has a range of interactive exhibits which allow you to learn about different diseases, how they’re spread and what we can do to prevent them.

John T Waterhouse Herbarium

This museum is located in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.

It contains a collection of over 80 000 plant specimens which have been collected from all around Australia! There are also some interesting exhibitions on display with information about Australian vegetation and conservation efforts.

La Perouse Museum

This museum is located in La Perouse, Sydney. It’s a little quaint but has some really interesting information about the history of Indigenous Australians and the settlers who came to Australia from Europe. You can learn all about aboriginal culture and even see their fishing boats!

Museum of Contemporary Art

The MCA is also located in Sydney. It focuses on contemporary art rather than historical exhibits so you’ll get to view modern installations while exploring this museum. There are lots of different exhibitions going on every year, too which means that no two visits will be exactly the same!

There are plenty more museums near Daceyville that would make for an interesting day out the choice is yours! So get your thinking caps on and start planning your next family adventure today!

Photo Courtesy of: Museum of Human Disease

Museum of Human Disease

Address: Ground Floor Samuels Building UNSW, Sydney NSW 2052, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9065 0330

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Latitude: -33.917858

Longitude: 151.234791

Did you know that Museum of Human Disease rates 4.6/5 based on 107 total ratings?

Reviews for Museum of Human Disease

Pranitpal Nagra

Pranitpal Nagra


10 months ago

Nice and well looked after. Could be a bit more spacious felt a bit packed with school there.

Tiana Deeth

Tiana Deeth


9 months ago

i went here for school and the education guide was just great! he produced an interactive presentation that everybody enjoyed. the museum itself was great and super informative!

Bindi Adams

Bindi Adams


a year ago

This is a confronting place, yet fascinating. The displays are very informative, the staff extremely knowledgeable and amenable. A must for the inquisitive mind.


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