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Museums Near Lugarno

Museums are a place of wonderment and culture, allowing guests to learn about the world around them. For those interested in learning more about the natural history of Australia, there is no better place than one of our many museums. Below are some of the best museums near Lugarno, NSW:

Sutherland Shire Museum

This museum was founded in 1991 and is located at the Sutherland Library. The museum has a large collection of historical literature, photographs, oral histories and more which are available for research purposes.

Sutherland Historical Society Museum

This local history museum was founded in 1981 by the then-mayor David Mead with support from the community. Housing over 5000 objects that pertain to early life in the Sutherland Shire, this museum is a great place to visit.

Sydney Tramway Museum

For those interested in learning more about the history of trams and trolley buses, this is a great museum to visit. The Sydney Tramway Museum was founded in 1975 with its main aim being to preserve both tram and bus vehicles that had been retired from service throughout Australia

Carss Cottage Museum

This museum is located in the Carss Park area of Sutherland Shire and offers visitors a glimpse into early life in the shire. The cottage was originally built by Robert Carss in 1859 and has been lovingly restored to its former glory.


Wollongong Coal Mining Museum

This museum is dedicated to the history of coal mining in the Wollongong region. It features many artefacts from the old mines as well as an interactive exhibit on coal mining safety.

Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

The Sydney Harbour Federation Trust was established in 2001 to preserve and restore historical sites around the harbour that tell stories about Australia’s past. The trust currently has three museums located along the foreshore of Sydney Harbour: The Australian National Maritime Museum, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, and Fort Denison – each offering a glimpse into early life in Australia.

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Lugarno Medical Centre

Address: 893B Forest Rd, Lugarno NSW 2210, Australia

Main Phone: (02) 9534 1822

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Latitude: -33.975154

Longitude: 151.048801

Did you know that Lugarno Medical Centre rates 4.1/5 based on 15 total ratings?

Reviews for Lugarno Medical Centre

jack karam

jack karam


2 weeks ago

I went to dr fanous ,he was just one track mind and asked for covid test didn’t care about my chronic condition or medication i get or even my complain ,generally nt the best experience

Kristina Kikilas

Kristina Kikilas


3 months ago

Felt completely at ease with Rhonda, the on-site nurse each time we have been for our baby daughter’s injections. She has taken the time to ensure we understand the processes involved and is so genuinely gentle, caring and kind making tough but necessary visits much more tolerable!

Connie Alifano

Connie Alifano


2 months ago

My Doctor, Dr. Iskander who is a most compationate doctor, was not in today so I had to see another dr. as I have been sick for 4 days. I was treated like a leper, outside, in view of everyone, I had to take my own throat and nasal swab. She did not want to come near me. In the end she told me to ring 000 if I could not breathe as she could not help me. WHY IS SHE A DOCOR?


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